About Centralia Station

Centralia Station

Centralia Station is a proposed development to be located off the new Mellen Street interchange that will create jobs and promote economic development in Centralia. The project will be a multi-use development envisioned to include:

  • Large businesses including major retailers
  • Community college facilities in partnership with Centralia College
  • Retail space
  • Office space
  • Medical facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Sports fields

Project Proponents

  • Port of Centralia
  • City of Centralia
  • Centralia College
  • Lewis County Economic Development Council
  • Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce
  • Other community organizations and leaders


  • Project will create hundreds of local jobs during construction period.
  • Upon completion, Centralia Station businesses will create hundreds of permanent jobs.
  • Project will generate significant tax revenue to support important social services and education.
  • The new Mellen Street interchange will create a gateway to downtown Centralia, as well as improve flow to Centralia College and into Centralia Station. Design improvements, which are tied to the Centralia Station project, will also improve flow for the new CD lanes and extend their useful lifetime.
  • Partnership with Centralia College will expand education and learning opportunities.
  • Expanded retail and restaurant choices will serve nearby Providence Centralia Hospital.
  • Construction of sports fields and hiking trails will create new recreational opportunities.
  • Medical facilities and additional new office space will benefit local businesses.
  • The project also has a number of environmental benefits, including:
    • The development will clean up an area of urban blight.
    • A state of the art stormwater system will handle and treat all water from the project.
    • Compensatory storage will ensure that neighbors are not negatively affected by site work.
    • The project will meet or exceed all federal, state and local environmental standards.

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